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  • 7136 North 73rd Drive, Glendale, Arizona 85303

Compassionate Personalized Care

We help each resident achieve wellness through compassion and personalized treatment.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a comfortable, home-like environment for our residents while offering the highest quality of care and support.

To achieve this, we prioritize the individual needs of each of our residents, ensuring that their living space is personalized to their liking. We also provide them with a range of services that promote their physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to be recognized as the leading provider of exceptional, person-centered care, fostering a sense of community and belonging in a warm and welcoming space.

To make our vision a reality, we commit to a continuous improvement mindset, always seeking new and innovative ways to enhance our care and improve our residents’ experience.

Who We Are

SKA-SHIFRA Behavioral Health Residential Facility provides community-based services for adults with mental illness, personal care challenges, physical disabilities, and substance abuse. Our licensed facility offers personalized, confidential care in a home-like setting, with an interdisciplinary team of health professionals providing up-to-date, evidence-based assessment and treatment.

Our staff members are familiar with different cultures, including Indian, African, and American cultures, enabling us to provide culturally sensitive and diverse services to residents. We’d be glad to hear from you. Get in touch with us using the details provided.

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