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Services We Offer

SKA-SHIFRA Behavioral Health Group Home provides personalized treatment services to residents with behavioral issues and personal care needs, with a focus on creating an exceptional healing experience.

group counseling

Group Counseling

Foster healing through shared experiences.

individual counseling

Individual Counseling

Unearth personal growth in one-on-one sessions.

woman lying on couch talking about problems to therapist

Residential Care

A safe haven for residents

therapist with his patient

Behavioral Facility

A place for recovery

caregiver combing senior woman

Support Services

Encouraging clients to be more independent

therapist with his patient

Personal Supervision

Watchful eyes, caring hearts

therapist with her patient in office

General Health Care

Care for all your health needs

woman eating salad

Basic Food Preparation

Nutritious meals from the heart

therapist with patient

Emotional Support

A shoulder you can lean on

therapy session

Care for Residents

Your comfort, our care

This home will be used as a Behavioral health residential facility. In this facility we identify the member's recovery needs that leads to developing a service plan based on the following:

  1. Assistance in self-medication administration
    • a. Educating on Why, When and How to take Medications.
  2. Teaching Activities of daily living (ADLs)
    • a. Personal hygiene, continence management, dressing, feeding, ambulation.
  3. Counseling (with Counselor and or BHT)
    • a.Group Counseling
    • b.Individual Therapy
  4. Therapy (with Counselor and or BHP)
    • a. Group therapy
    • b. Individual therapy
  5. Attending AA/NA meetings
    • a. Online/ In person
  6. Smart recovery, Relapse Prevention
  7. Assistance in setup/ Follow up on appointments.
    • a. Psychiatrist, PCP, ART, Meds refills, etc.
  8. Life Skills
    • a. Build Resume, Job Search and Job Application.

We offer SMI residents and personal care services. We support the diverse and complex physical and/or mental health needs of our clients through person-centered approach to care.